Welcome to Sagesmask! Explore the creative freedom with our Digital Asset Resources under the Individual Creative Pass.

Here are the terms: 

1.      Commercial License Included:

The Individual Creative Pass comes with a commercial license, allowing you to use our templates for commercial purposes.

2.      One Subscription, One User:

Your subscription ensures a unique and exclusive experience, designed for one user.

3.      Unlimited Client:

Extend the creative experience to an unlimited number of clients.

4.      Unlimited Project:

Dive into limitless possibilities by incorporating our templates into an unlimited number of projects.

5.      Unlimited Post:

Unleash your creativity with unlimited posts using our diverse range of templates.

6.      License Coverage:

The license covers the files even if you decide to unsubscribe from Sagesmask services.

7.      No Need for Attribution, Though Appreciated:

While we appreciate attribution, it's not mandatory for the use of Sagesmask templates and elements.

Thank you for choosing Sagesmask. Let your creativity soar without bounds!

Send Us Message if this license still not clear for you.